Czechowice-Dziedzice, Poland - If you’ve ever wondered how cool the Mercedes-Benz X-Class would look as a butched-up 6x6, Carlex Design is here to answer your prayers.

The Polish tuning firm has released sketches of its latest project, the X-Class-based EXY 6x6, and although it is strictly a concept for now, we wouldn’t put it past the team to build at least a few of these.

No information on the 6x6 has been released as yet, but it is clearly geared for some serious bundu bashing, with its raised ride height, off-road tyres, protective cladding and winch.

The tuner has added plenty of flair to this creation with a number unique design touches like the stencil-style roll bar and black x-shaped tailgate.

It’s not clear at this stage what powers this terrain-gobbling X-Class, but we’d like to think that at the very least the boys at Carlex have used the 190kW/550Nm V6-powered X350d as a starting point.

But if this is too crass for your delicate tastes, you might want to rather look at Carlex Design’s Maybach-inspired X-Class EXY ‘Yachting’.

IOL Motoring