Detroit - Another motor show, another new Lexus concept vehicle, but the new LF-1 Limitless showcar is the biggest and most opulent of them all - and something similar to it could even see the light of day.

Lexus reckons the new concept combines “high performance with unrestrained luxury”, also stating that its design has the potential to “shape the future of a flagship luxury crossover for Lexus”.

Showcasing the latest evolution of the Japanese premium brand’s design language, the California-designed LF-1’s styling theme has been dubbed “molten katana”, inspired by the organic shapes of liquid metal and the sharp edges of a traditional Japanese sword. 

And it’s really big! 

Measuring 5014mm in length, the concept is barely shorter than the Lexus LX behemoth, only far sleeker and more hunkered down. 

Lexus says it’s built on a rear-wheel-drive chassis, implying that a production version could be based on the LS flagship sedan, and the company has not mentioned any specific engine beneath the bonnet, only stating that it could potentially be powered by a fuel cell, electric, hybrid or conventional petrol drivetrain.

The cabin, finished in Cocoa Bean and Chiffon White leather, focuses on providing opulent comfort for four occupants, with rear seat passengers getting exactly the same seats as those in front as well as acres of legroom and individual display screens.

The cockpit area minimises analogue buttons and knobs in favour of motion-activated controls and there’s a rather elaborate lighting sequence on start-up. 

Though the concept was engineered to be enjoyable to drive, it also has a driverless ‘Chauffeur mode’ for those occasions when the driver wants to leave it all up to artificial intelligence.

IOL Motoring