First pics: Hyundai Santa Fe gets daring new look

By Motoring Staff Time of article published Feb 6, 2018

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Hyundai has released the first official pictures and details

of the daringly designed new Santa Fe SUV.

Along with cutting-edge new infotainment and safety

technologies, the fourth-generation mid-sized SUV adopts a bold new look, partially inspired by the Kona

compact SUV and likely to be seen on other forthcoming Hyundai SUVs. Particularly

striking is the front end with its split level headlights and large ‘cascading’

grille that replaces the signature hexagonal-shaped one.

Hyundai has yet to release a proper image of the Santa Fe's back end, but an official design sketch released last week shows a more aggressive interpretation of

current Hyundai design language.

Hyundai has announced that the new Santa Fe will be

available in three engine derivatives: a 2.0 turbodiesel, a 2.2 turbodiesel,

and a 2.0 turbo petrol. Power outputs are still to be confirmed but all

versions get eight-speed automatic transmissions.

The new Santa Fe is the first Hyundai to be equipped with an

electronic four-wheel drive system. Dubbed HTRAC, it actively controls the

driving force according to the drive mode, maximising traction during bad

weather and rough road driving.

The new Santa Fe is stuffed with advanced safety features

including frontal collision avoidance, lane departure warning and a

lane-holding function. There's a feature which suggests that the driver take a

rest stop if the car detects they're getting tired by adopting a different

driving pattern than usual, and also a Safe Exit Assist that warns if a passenger is about to open a rear door into the path of an approaching vehicle, and locks the door. 

The Santa Fe's redesigned interior adopts higher quality materials in a bid to move the Korean SUV upmarket.

It also acquires the latest state-of-the art

infotainment including enhanced voice recognition technology for improved

navigation convenience and accuracy. Pressing the voice recognition button on

the steering wheel and speaking "route guidance and business name"

provides a quick and easy method of getting directions to restaurants or places

of interest, and you can ask for phone text messages to be displayed on the

infotainment screen.

A 'Voice Memo' function also allows you to record spoken

words while driving, if you need to record a phone number or your next

grand idea.

Additional new tech in the Santa Fe is a smart phone

wireless charging system and Apple car play and mirror link.

Hyundai has yet to confirm local plans for the new Santa Fe

but it's likely to be launched in South Africa later this year or early in



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