The flamboyant Toyota FT-1 concept could herald the new Supra sportscar.

Toyota could be parting ways with Subaru regarding future 86 and BRZ sportscar partnerships, but rumour has it BMW will move in to fill the spot.

BMW worked behind the scenes on Toyota’s FT-1 concept (a car believed to be previewing the next Supra), which was unveiled in January, but it has also been confirmed they are jointly developing another future model.

The new car, which would probably underpin the new Z4 range, would also run Toyota badging and would probably employ Toyota’s vast knowledge of hybrid technology.

When asked whether Toyota would remain in collaboration with Subaru for later 86 models, Toyota engineer Tetsuya Tada said: “Maybe, but this is not decided at the moment.”

Tetsuya also said Toyota planned an eventual three-tier sportscar lineup, with the 86 forming the middle-spec derivative. It remains to be seen how many of the three new cars BMW will play a role in.