Frankfurt, Germany - These are the latest preview pictures released by Kia of its Proceed concept, due to debut at the Frankfurt motor show on 12 September.

Designed at Kia’s European design centre in Frankfurt, just 500 metres from where it will be unveiled, the concept gives an indication of what the next-generation Cee’d could look like.

Kia calls it an extended hot hatch; in many ways it’s akin to an Audi Sportback or a Volvo V40, demonstrating how this Korean newcomer is willing to take on the European autocracy on their own turf.

The sweeping roof-line with contrasting window frame and concealed B pillars emphasises the long glasshouse, while the ultra-short front and longer rear overhangs suggest classic rear-wheel drive architecture, unlikely though that may be.

Look closer, however, and the familiar Kia design cues are all there - the ‘tiger nose’ grille, castellated windscreen and full-length glass roof - each with a bit of a twist. What’s new, however, is Kia’s use of lighting. The concept has what Kia calls a ‘Luminline’ - an illuminated outline of the glazed area that flashes on as you walk towards the car, making it impossible to miss at night.

The concept is finished in a special colour called Lava Red, achieved by layering red-tinted clear lacquer over black and chrome-effect silver.

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