Somewhere near the North Pole – This is Land Rover’s idea of the ideal gift for the outdoor adventurer, a cosy little cabin that sleeps two adults snugly even in Arctic temperatures, and folds down to fit in the back of a Discovery Sport.

Land Rover engineers used every bit of the versatile Discovery Sport’s 1698-litre cargo bay to carry the wooden cabin’s components. Even the glove compartment, cup holders and door bins were filled with nuts, bolts and brackets.

The cabin was tested at sub-freezing temperature in Land Rover’s cold-climate chamber, by mountaineer Kenton Cool, who knows a thing or two about cold weather - he’s climbed Everest 12 times, and then transported by Discovery Sport – not sleigh – to its final secret location in the heart of the frozen wilderness.

Christmas cabin

Vehicle package team leader Helen Ali said: “We wanted to create a Christmas cabin for Santa, and designing one that used a all the car’s hidden storage spaces – such as the area under the front cup-holders – was a lot of fun. We could have built it in one of our bigger models, but we wanted to prove it could be done using the smallest member of the Discovery family.

Ali’s team made a virtual model of the cabin to get the most from every millimetre of space. Then they worked with specialist Danish architect Lumo to build it from sustainable materials, with solar charger on the roof, while lights and a kettle can be connected to the Discovery Sport’s 12V power socket.

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