Toyota’s reincarnated Supra is quite possibly the most ‘teased’ car in history, so no reason why it can't be teased once more, just ahead of its actual reveal, which takes place on Monday.

That’s exactly what Toyota has done with the latest preview image, which shows part of the new sports car’s tail end, including its big, bulgy spoiler.

In fact, Toyota promises that this is the last ‘teaser’, although that statement is followed by a cheeky little asterisk, stating that’s “subject to change”.

Which it probably will, knowing them.

But doesn’t the world already know what the new Supra looks like, in any case?

After all, it is also one of the most ‘leaked’ cars in modern history too.

Among the clearest views so far is a pair of official-looking images that appeared on the SupraMkV website - click here for more - showing us the front and rear styling in all its glory.

The full technical details will only be officially revealed next week, but we do know for sure that the Supra shares its rear-wheel-drive chassis with the BMW Z4, as well as its engines, which includes 2-litre four-cylinder and 3-litre straight-six turbopetrols. Both will be mated to BMW’s ZF-sourced eight-speed automatic gearbox.

According to an apparent leaked document that surfaced last year, the 2-litre Supra will be tuned to 195kW, while the 3-litre will be good for 250kW.

Watch this space for all the official info late Monday afternoon.

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