New Mercedes-AMG C63 unleashed with 500kW system output

Published Sep 21, 2022


Affalterbach, Germany - The new-generation Mercedes-AMG C63 S has been revealed to the world and as expected, it’s firing on just four cylinders, while those rumours of a 500kW system output were true after all.

Mercedes-AMG describes the C63’s hybrid drivetrain, which also boasts a system torque output of 1 020Nm, as a game-changer. Even without the assistance of the 150kW electric motor that’s mounted on the rear axle, the 2.0-litre turbopetrol engine is by far the world’s most powerful production four-cylinder engine, thumping out 350kW and 545Nm.

You’d think the battery would on its own eliminate any potential lag on pull-off, but the combustion engine’s turbocharger also boasts lag-combatting electrical assistance, using technology derived from F1.

But how fast is it?

The new Mercedes-AMG C63 S E Performance, to give you its full name, will allegedly sprint from 0-100km/h in just 3.4 seconds, but keep in mind that the electric motor’s full output is only available for 10 seconds at a time, and its continuous output is 70kW.

Sure, it’s ridiculously fast now, but we’re going to miss the outgoing model’s thunderous V8 grumble. For what it’s worth, the new C63 attempts to soften the blow by using sound system fakery, which modifies the “real noise” of the combustion motor to produce a “typical AMG sound”. Watch (and listen) in the video below:

Of course, the performance sedan is moving with the greener times, and to that end it also comes with a 6.1 kWh battery that can be plugged in to a wall socket or fast charger to allow the car to cover up to 13km on electric power alone. Sure, that’s not much, but this hybrid system prioritises performance and weight reduction over outright range. Furthermore, drivers can choose from four different levels of battery recuperation.

Power is delivered to all four wheels through an AMG Speedshift MCT 9G multi-clutch transmission and a fully variable mechanical all-wheel drive system that can send the ICE motor’s torque to the back wheels and the electric motor’s torque to the front, when needed.

The C63’s chassis arsenal also includes an adaptive damping system, with three selectable levels, and rear axle steering.

The vehicle’s Dynamic Select system allows drivers to choose from eight driving modes, with traditional programmes like Comfort, Sport, Sport+, Race and Individual, joined by Electric, Battery Hold and Slippery modes to offer a more rounded and situation-dependent driving experience.

Providing the necessary stopping power is an AMG high-performance composite braking system with six-piston fixed callipers upfront and one-piston floating callipers round back.

Moving inside you’ll find AMG sports seats with distinctive stitching, while AMG Performance seats are an option. In the cockpit area the MBUX infotainment system includes numerous unique displays specific to the vehicle.

Stay tuned for more local information when it becomes available.