The BMW M40d is one brawny SUV. We’ve driven it on its US launch and can vouch that diesel-heads have something seriously exciting to look forward to, when it arrives on local turf in early 2019.

However, there is always a tuner out there that’s ready and willing to add even more visual and performance spice to an existing package and in the X4’s case, that is none other than Dahler.

The Swiss tuner has launched its own sinister-looking versions of the X4 M40d and M40i, complete with performance upgrades.

In the diesel’s case, BMW’s 3-litre straight-six turbodiesel, which makes 240kW and 680Nm in standard guise, has been tuned to 280kW and 780Nm. That’s more torque, and almost as much power, as BMW’s quad-turbo M50d engine that you find in the latest X5.

The M40i petrol model, meanwhile, gets modified to the tune of 309kW and 630Nm, up from 265kW and 500Nm.

Dahler did not elaborate on the exact modifications made, or exactly how fast the pair are post-tuning.

The X4 models also receive a black colour treatment, 22-inch alloy wheels and stainless steel exhaust tips.

Furthermore, the pair ride on a stiffened and lowered sports suspension system.

IOL Motoring