Most efficient non-hybrid petrol car in Japan, the Move drinks just 3.7 l/100km.
Most efficient non-hybrid petrol car in Japan, the Move drinks just 3.7 l/100km.

Do you remember when the Daihatsu Move was sold in South Africa, about 11 years ago? Regardless, you're not going to find many on our roads today, either because they didn't sell very well or because they all blew over in the wind - so tall and narrow was it that its centre of gravity bordered on ridiculous.

Although it eventually left our market, the Move continued to be an important player on the Japanese market as it evolved though the generations into a slightly more substantial car, and now Daihatsu has released the very latest version in Japan.

The new Move is all-new from the ground up and although it's still quite top-heavy in proportion, a bonus for those still looking for spacious family transport on Japan's crowded streets, the design is far more modern (and perhaps bearable) than that of its predecessors.

Also, very importantly in this era, it claims to be the most economical non-hybrid petrol-powered passenger car on the Japanese market, its official consumption figure amounting to just 3.7 litres per 100km.

This is due to various measures, including the fact that the new model weighs 35kg less than its predecessor.

It's also down to engine technology, with the Move not only boasting a stop-start idle system but its all-new engine also has a revolutionary i-EGR system in which the state of combustion can be determined using ions.

Despite its diminutive 660cc cubic capacity, the engine, which is mated to a CVT gearbox, pushes out 39kW and 60Nm. So it's not an open road vehicle by any means but do you really need much more than that on crowded city streets?

It's likely to do well in Japan, but still an unlikely candidate for our market.