Volkswagen reveals new Polo-based, coupe-inspired Nivus SUV

By Jason Woosey Time of article published May 29, 2020

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Sao Paulo, Brazil - Volkswagen’s Brazilian division has pulled the covers off its new compact crossover, which goes by the name of Nivus.

While it’s true that the new SUV was developed for the Latin American markets, it is also destined to be a global model, with European sales expected to commence in 2021. It hasn’t, at this stage, been confirmed for South Africa, but it would certainly make for an interesting alternative to the T-Cross.

But where does it fit in relation to the T-Cross? 

Like the T-Cross, the Nivus is based on the Polo hatchback, but whereas the former has a squarer and more SUV-like design, the Brazilian newcomer has a more car-like appearance, with some coupe inspiration.

The two sit on a near-identical wheelbase but the Nivus is longer, at 4266mm versus 4110mm, and despite the sloping tail it has comparable boot space which VW lists at 415 litres.

All models will be powered by VW’s 1-litre, three-cylinder turbopetrol engine, offering outputs of up to 94kW when fueled with ethanol, which is a thing in Brazil. The only transmission mentioned at this stage is a six-speed auto.

The Nivus doesn’t hold back on technology and digitisation, with the cabin featuring two 25cm screens, incorporating a new ‘VW Play’ infotainment system with 10GB of memory for downloading apps. It’s also claimed to be the first car in the world to feature a system that can read all media formats, through a feature called Cognitive Manual.

The new SUV also offers some high-tech driver assistance features, like Adaptive Cruise Control and Autonomous Emergency Braking.

“Nivus is a milestone for Volkswagen in South America,” said VW Latin America President Pablo Di Si.

“It is the first model developed in the region and which will also be produced and sold in the European market, one of the most competitive in the world”.

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