Wüppertal, Germany - With its coupe-inspired lines, the BMW X6 doesn’t look like a real off-roader, and nor has it ever tried to pretend that it is one.

At best you could say it’s a boulevard bruiser with a few mild off-roading skills, but the folk over at German tuning house Manhart have a completely different idea for BMW’s sporty SUV.

The end result is called the MHX6 Dirt² Concept, and it looks like something you’d want to tackle the Dakar rally in, and every jungle en route.

Yet the off-road kit that you see here only tells half the story as Manhart is planning to give the production version (yes, five of them will be produced) a significant power hike.

Based on the X6 M, which already produces 423kW and 750Nm, the tuning company is aiming to beef it up to the tune of 662kW and 1200Nm, through a comprehensive upgrade that gives it a new cooling system, turbochargers, pistons and conrods among other upgrades, while the gearbox, rear axle and braking have also been revised accordingly. 

Built for “real off-roading” the MHX6 has been endowed with a significantly higher ride height, 21-inch wheels wearing Goodridge All Terrain tyres, a limited slip differential, an external roll cage, underguard protection as well as a winch and snorkel.

The extreme Beemer will go on sale in Europe for a tidy sum of 395 000 euro (R6.3 million).

IOL Motoring