Pikes Peak, Colorado - While Ken Block himself describes Climbkhana as his edgiest video yet, and the ‘rooster’ sequence (which was shot with just one warm-up run) as the gnarliest driving of his career, it doesn’t give you any idea of how much work went into those nine minutes of video.

The crew went to the iconic hillclimb course three times; the first time the 1030kW twin-turbo V8 Hoonicorn reacted to the thin air at 4000 metres by blowing litres of engine oil out of its crankcase breather, and the second time they were hit with rain, hail and lightning strikes in the middle of their base camp.

But Block, the co-directors and the Hoonicorn crew chief all agreed that the longest Ken Block video shoot yet (12 days spread over more than a year) was worth it. Watch as they show you how it was done.

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