Picture: Youtube

Brands Hatch, Kent - This remarkable footage comes from last weekend’s round of the VAG Trophy series for lightly modified Volkswagen, Audi and Seat cars, all running the same two-litre engine, which makes for very tight racing.

Especially in the wet.

Kenan Dole, in the blue No.7 VW Golf, got a good start and led the pack into Paddock Hill Bend, only to have the car go sideways on him coming out. After that it was “all hands on deck” as you’ll see in the video, with the car fishtailing wildly all the way down to Druids, where he very nearly lost the plot.

But he got it back from what should have been a nasty spin, and an almost perfect save was spoiled only by a heavy bump against an Audi TT that was sneaking through on the inside, causing Dole to run wide in Druids and lose another two places.

The video is in two sections: the first 17 seconds is race footage, giving you a spectator’s view of the whole thing. The next 21 seconds is from Dole’s onboard camera, showing just what it took to keep the Golf out of the barriers. Respect.

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