Picture: Lehtikuva / Hannu Rainamo via Reuters

Jyvaskyla, Finland - Just after a fast right-hander marked by a yellow house on the Ouninpohja special stage of the Rally Finland there’s a blind rise with a sharp crest.

The Yellow House Jump is notorious for launching competitors’ cars into some of longest flights in any World Rally Championship event. So much so that the rally organisers have taken advantage of the attendant publicity by putting up signboards at five-metre intervals, for viewers on video to see just how far each car flies.

That, of course, is dependent on just how hard the driver hits the gas coming out of Yellow House corner and whether he has the nerve to keep his foot planted up the blind rise. Not for sissies, this one.

Which makes it all the more notable that Mads Ostberg and navigator Torstein Eriksen set a new record for the longest jump recorded in a rally when their Ford Fiesta flew an astonishing 50 metres off the Yellow House Jump at last weekend’s Rally Finland 2017.

To put that in perspective, the winner of the rally, local hero Esapekka Lappi, jumped 42.5 metres and rally legend Jari-Matti Latvala landed at 42 metres. 

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