With self-combusting Ford Kugas making the headlines, it doesn't hurt for motorists to play it safe by getting a fire extinguisher for their car.

Automotive Technology Specialists (ATS) offer the simple-to-use and relatively affordable Fire Stryker. Approved by Motorsport South Africa as an alternative to a conventional fire extinguisher in competition vehicles, the single-use device is also useful for road vehicles, caravans, campers and even watercraft.

Not much larger in diameter than a broomstick and between 25 and 33cm long (depending on model) Fire Stryker uses a blast of potassium nitrate to effectively kill a fire in one easy step. Potassium oxidizes rapidly in air: when the seal on the Fire Stryker is broken it releases its contents, and devours the oxygen in the immediate vicinity.

It is said to be especially well-suited to electrical and fuel fires and is also safe as it isn’t pressurised like a conventional extinguisher.

The 8B model selling for R535 has an emission time of 50 seconds and is small enough to fit into a glove compartment, while the larger 13B lasts for 100 seconds and costs R620.

For more information contact ATS on 011 670 8400.

- IOL Motoring