A TomTom Start2 GPS device is up for grabs.

How about making an early New Year's resolution not to get lost again? It may not cost you a cent as IOL is giving away a TomTom Start2 GPS, sponsored by Dial Direct.

All you need to do is go to the IOL Motoring Facebook page and click the "Like" button on the top right hand side and you'll be automatically entered into the competition, along with being able to interact with us on our page and receiving a selection of our best stories.

Those who have already 'liked' our page will also be in the running for the prize.

The competition forms part of Dial Direct's promotion of GPS devices following a recent survey which shows that using a GPS device can decrease a driver's insurance risk profile.

In fact, if you switch to Dial Direct, you will receive a complimentary TomTom GPS as part of your comprehensive insurance policy.

Research by a leading GPS manufacturer has shown that drivers who don't use a navigation system claim up to 12 percent more often from their insurers for damages than people who use GPS. They also claim about 5 percent more on damage costs.

The research also revealed that the use of a satellite navigation solution reduces the number of kilometres driven by 16 percent and reduces travel time by 18 percent when driving in an unknown area to an unknown destination.

Motorists driving in an unfamiliar environment make significantly fewer stops and turn around fewer times to get to their destination when using a GPS.

Using a quality GPS also reduces drivers' anxiety and stress, with 78 percent of GPS users in the survey indicating that they feel more in control.

Dial Direct senior executive Bradley Du Chenne says GPS reduces driving risks in various ways.

For instance, aside from guiding the shortest course from A to B, good quality GPS devices provide real-time traffic reports and advice on the best alternative route to take to avoid congestion and dangerous road conditions ahead such as accidents or flooding.

"Avoiding jams, accidents and other hazards not only makes your trip safer, but less frustrating as well.

"With fore-warning of road conditions, off ramps and turns, you are also less likely to pull off potentially dangerous manoeuvres," says Du Chenne.

* The closing date for the competition is Friday 21 December. As the prize will be shipped to the winner, entrants must live in South Africa.