At least 22 dead after cattle raid in South Sudan

File picture: Thomas Mukhoya/Reuters

File picture: Thomas Mukhoya/Reuters

Published Mar 12, 2018


Juba - Around 100 armed youths raided a cattle camp in

north-western South Sudan on Monday in an attack that left at least

22 people dead.

About 17 others were injured when the assailants from Eastern Lakes

State stole about 90 cattle under gunfire in the village of Tidilo in

Terekeka State, State Minister David Laku Jombe told dpa.

"We have confirmed 22 people dead, including women and children,"

Jombe said.

Four cattle raiders were among the dead, according to the state


Cattle raiding has occurred for centuries in the East African nation,

and children are sometimes abducted during raids to be used as

domestic slaves.

The raids often carry an ethnic component. Monday's attack was

carried out by the Dinka tribe against the Mundari tribe.

Despite the signing of various peace accords, South Sudan is in the

midst of a bloody civil war that has taken tens of thousands of lives

since a 2013 split between President Salva Kiir and his former deputy

Riek Machar. 


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