The Kenyan flag

Isiolo - Eight people have been killed in a dispute between crop farmers and livestock keepers in northern Kenya, police and local residents said on Friday.

The killing of livestock keeper on Thursday prompted a revenge attack early on Friday in the Kinna area on the border between Igembe North and Isiolo districts, in which another seven people were killed, police said.

“Seven people were killed this morning. They were shot dead by guns, four managed to escape with gunshot wounds,” a regional administrator in the area said.

The northern part of the east African nation is frequently hit by such clashes as communities fight over scarce resources like water and grazing areas, or engage in cattle raiding. At least 21 people were killed in similar clashes in January.

Cornelius King'ori, police chief for Igembe North district confirmed the killings, and said the attackers were being pursued.

Mohamed Wako, a Kinna resident, said vehicles and people were prevented from leaving the area when angry residents closed the main road, which connects the area to Isiolo and Nairobi.

“Tension is high. A number of houses have been burned along the border,” Wako said.

“At least six people who were travelling from Kinna were attacked this afternoon. They are back here and they were treated for serious injuries,” he added. - Reuters