President Uhuru Kenyatta. Picture: AP

Johannesurg - Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta’s lead counsel Ahmednassir Abdulahi has called the Supreme Court's decision to annul last month’s elections on the basis they were not conducted according to the Constitution and Elections Act “political.”

Abdulahi told the court that Kenyatta won by 1.4 million votes and called on the bench to release the full decision detailing how any irregularities could have impacted that lead, CNN reported on Friday afternoon.

Abdulahi said: “My lord, it is obvious, and I’m not afraid to say, that this is a very political decision you have made this morning, but we will live with the consequences and as you have ordered we will wait for the date the first respondent will fix so that again my client will show that the will of the people will again prevail.”