Picture: luctheo/Pixabay

Johannesburg - Zanu-PF politician and prominent Chinhoyi gold dealer, Gerald Sairon, has been arrested with nine others in connection with public violence that broke out at Zumba 7 Business Centre, Pindula News reported on Wednesday.

According to the State, Sairon and the other accused assaulted a number of individuals at the Zumba 7 Business Centre in Kenzamba, Makonde district on April 11.

One of the people assaulted, Luck Madzikoka, was also allegedly robbed of his cellphone and money. However, his phone was returned after he asked for it back.

According to the allegations Sairon is believed to have remained in the vehicle whilst his friends allegedly jumped out of the car before entering Madzikoka’s shop, interrupted a snooker game before proceeding to carry out the robbery and assaults.

The accused have been remanded in custody until Thursday.

African News Agency/ANA