(File image) Swazi King Mswati III

Mbabane - Millions of SA citizens could become subjects of Swazi King Mswati if his government succeeds in claiming a disputed Swazi territory allegedly incorporated improperly into SA in the 19th century.

Swaziland’s Border Adjustment Committee, appointed by Mswati to retrieve the territory, intends to report SA to the UN for its lack of co-operation in negotiating a solution to the land dispute, Brigadier-General Fonono Dube, a committee member, told the Swazi media.

Swaziland’s royal government wants to extend the landlocked country’s border eastward to the Indian Ocean by incorporating KwaZulu-Natal south of the Mozambique border to Lake Sibaya.

Swaziland also wants to extend its national territory north and west into Mpumalanga, and also claim a portion of northern Mpumalanga, including a section of the Kruger National Park.

Claims by SA for the cost of infrastructure and improvements to KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga since the 1880s, when the disputed land was allegedly removed from the authority of Mswati’s great-grandfather, would be subject to negotiations, the committee said

. - Pretoria News