Bissau - President Malam Bacai Sanha of Guinea-Bissau returned home on Wednesday after four weeks abroad for medical reasons, an official source said.

"The president is now well," the chief of protocol in the presidency, Dino Seydi, told reporters.

At the beginning of December, Sanha, 62, postponed a visit to Portugal "for health reasons". He was then evacuated to Dakar, after a fainting fit, and then hospitalised in Paris for 10 days.

Afterwards, he spent a period convalescing in the Spanish Canary Islands.

Asked about his health when in Paris, Sanha said, "They speak of a 'fall in haemoglobin' in my blood. I'm not a doctor. It's true that I also suffer from diabetes but that is not as serious as people want to make out."

However, he said he was long on an intravenous drip and had promised "to pay much more attention" to his health.

Sanha won a presidential election in his small west African country in July, taking 67 percent of the votes in the second round. He was sworn in last September, six months after soldiers assassinated president Joao Bernardo Vieira. - Sapa-AFP