File picture: Pixabay

Johannesburg - Car thieves in Uganda are using South Sudan number plates to steal Ugandan vehicles to feed Kenya's black market, Ugandan police have reported.

Regional police spokesman for East Kyoga, Michael Odongo, said thieves were taking advantage of lax border controls on numerous vehicles moving back and forth between South Sudan and Uganda to disguise stolen Ugandan vehicles, the Daily Monitor reported.

“We have decided to start impounding all vehicles bearing South Sudan number plates for verification, because we have realised that most of those vehicles are stolen from Ugandan citizens,” said Odongo, before adding that the modus operandi used by the thieves had made it harder for police to recover the cars and crack down on the practice.

The new counter-measures by the police follows a number of cars stolen in Soroti in Eastern Uganda during the last week alone.

African News Agency (ANA)