Bataia Martinho Elias, 42, poses for a picture in an empty room of the fish factory he manages in Cacheu, Guinea-Bissau on October 27, 2012. Since the April coup d'etat, Elias has lost his fish business and has shifted to manufacturing ice.

United Nations -

A new report by the United Nations says Guinea-Bissau's military and intelligence forces abducted and tortured two opposition leaders after a failed attempt to overthrow the ruling junta in October.

The report to the Security Council by UN chief Ban Ki-moon said that after the failure of the October 21 counter-coup, Guinea-Bissau's military and intelligence services ran house-to-house searches for suspects and “abducted and tortured” opposition leaders Iancuba Djola N'djai and Sivestre Alves.

Guinea-Bissau's military government, which seized power on April, subsequently denounced the beatings and the military denied any involvement, Ban noted. - Sapa-AP