A damaged bus is seen at the site of a blast near a new museum being built close to the Giza pyramids in Cairo. Photo: REUTERS/Ahmed Fahmy.

JERUSALEM - At least seven South Africans are among at least 17 tourists wounded late Sunday when their bus was targeted by an explosion as it travelled near the Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza just outside of the Egyptian capital Cairo, near where the famous pyramids are situated.

According to initial reports from Egyptian state media, it is believed that 10 of those wounded are Egyptians and seven South Africans. Security forces and ambulances have rushed to the scene.

Sunday's incident comes after three Vietnamese holidaymakers and their Egyptian guide were killed when a roadside bomb hit their bus as it travelled near the pyramids outside Cairo in December.

Egypt's tourism sector has suffered for years due to a series of deadly attacks targeting holidaymakers following the turmoil of the 2011 uprising that toppled longtime ruler Hosni Mubarak.

Authorities have gone to great lengths to lure tourists back, touting a series of archaeological finds and a new museum next to the pyramids, as well as enhanced security at airports and around ancient sites.

The industry has slowly picked up, with tourist arrivals reaching 8.3 million in 2017, compared with 5.3 million the previous year, official statistics showed.

But that figure was still far short of the record influx of 2010 when more than 14 million visitors flocked to see the country's sites.

AFP and African News Agency (ANA)