MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai addresses the media during a press conference in Harare on Thursday afternoon. PHOTO: ANA Reporter
Harare - Movement for Democratic Change leader on Tuesday pleaded with Zanu-PF members to help him build a better Zimbabwe.

Speaking at a gathering attended by many Zimbabweans, Morgan Tsvangirai said they should all work together to build a Zimbabwe they all respect and admire.

"My wish is for everyone to have a meal everyday, a roof over their heads and that the youth have jobs," Tsvangirai said to a rousing applause.

Tsvangirai, who spoke in Shona for most of his address, said the only way those conditions could be created was with law and order.

"We want to build a different Zimbabwe, we want to build a democratic Zimbabwe and it can't be built on an undemocratic process.

"Let's have free and fair elections."

Tsvangirai also stated that the recent situation in the country where Harare has now turned into a army state was not just a military intervention but that it was with people's support.

Secretary General of the War Veterans Association Victor Matemadanda was also very scathing of Mugabe.

"We are trying to give a dignified exist to someone who doesn't deserve dignity. You have plundered this economy; you destroyed it.

"Your kids put alcohol on a 60 thousand [rand] watch.we wont give people a second chance to destroy the movement we created.

"We have suffered for this to happen," Matemadanda said.

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