File picture: Independent Media

Johannesburg - The case against a Chrisville father accused of beating his son to death was on Monday postponed in the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

The man, Seisax Boesack, made his first appearance following his arrest last Friday over the deadly assault on his five-year-old son Caleb Ouman.

According to reports, Boesack allegedly smashed Caleb into a wall and kicked him, leaving him severely injured.

The toddler was then taken to hospital, where he later died as a result of his injuries.

This is not the first time Boesack is accused of assaulting Caleb, according to ward councillor Rashieda Landis, who explained that he was arrested in December for a similar incident.  

“He was then imprisoned following this but was released after the aunt withdrew the case against him,” Landis explained. 

“I cannot comprehend how the father, who has another child, 3, continued to assault his son [while never laying a hand on his younger child]," she added.

Presiding over the case was magistrate Simon Radasi, who stressed the seriousness of the case against Boesack.

A scruffy looking Boesack, sporting a grey hoodie, stared straight ahead while the details of the case were outlined by Radasi as well as the State prosecutor. 

Meanwhile, a few protesters caused a minor stir during proceedings, holding up placards condemning the abuse and Caleb's murder.

An irritated Radasi questioned the meaning of this “protest” and ordered the men to put them down.

Proceedings then returned to normal, with State prosecutor Talitha Louw confirming the murder charge and saying that the State intended to oppose bail.

Boesack indicated that he would not apply for bail and requested legal representation from Legal Aid.  

The matter was then postponed to October 4 to allow for outstanding documents to be retrieved and await the post mortem, which was still underway.