Heavy snowfall blocked Sani Pass near the top last month. The conditions were described as hazardous and slippery.
 PICTURE: Stephanie Bentz/
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Durban - Winter is coming.

On Wednesday afternoon, Weather SA forecaster Wisani Maluleke said a cold front was expected to hit the Western Cape this weekend.

He said it would be moving across the Eastern Cape and it looked like it would reach KwaZulu-Natal early next week.

“We should start feeling it in KZN on Monday,” he said, “Snow is expected to fall in some parts of the province, including over the Southern Drakensberg.”

Malukele said the forecast for Thursday looked cold and wet. And that a drop in the mercury, along with rain and strong winds, could be expected.

But he said flash flooding was not on the cards.

Regardless, Malukele urged people to take extra cautionary measures during cold spells.

“And when we have snow, we have road closures because they become slippery. So those who do plan on travelling must be careful, because they risk getting stuck on the roads,” he said.

The water-stressed Western Cape looks set to get some relief this weekend, as about 20mm of rain is expected to fall in the province.

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