A forensics expert retrieves a flashlight from a police vehicle at the upmarket De Zalze housing estate in Stellenbosch. Photo: Shelley Christians

Cape Town - The Van Breda family’s house is under constant police watch, said the homeowner’s association at the picturesque De Zalze Golf Estate on Monday.

It has been almost three weeks since Martin van Breda, his wife Teresa and oldest son Rudi, 22, were found bludgeoned to death with an axe inside the upmarket house at the heart of the gated community, but police have not given residents any clue of who was behind the brutal attack.

“I spoke to the police this morning,” said the association’s manager Boet Grobler on Monday. “There is no official briefing they can give us.”

He said residents were becoming anxious.

“Obviously people want to know what is going on, but we cannot afford to speculate. We are sticking with our story that this was an isolated incident and there were no signs of a break-in.”

Second son Henri van Breda, 20, was found at the house with only minor wounds to his arms. According to a weekend report, the wounds may have been self inflicted. But a spokesman for the family refused to comment on this.

Grobler said police had posted a permanent guard at the family’s residence and that nobody, apart from investigators, were allowed inside.

“It is still technically a crime scene.”

The 16-year-old daughter who was found fighting for her life inside the house with several head wounds and a severed jugular, is still being treated in the Vergelegen Mediclinic. But Ben Rootman - who is acting as spokesman for the family - told the Cape Argus she was in a stable condition and was no longer critical.

Reports over the weekend claimed that the Somerset West College pupil had started speaking. But Rootman said: “The last that we heard is that she is stable. I cannot confirm whether she has started speaking.”

On Thursday, a memorial service for the murdered members of the Van Breda family was held in Pretoria at the Moreleta Park church.

Henri’s uncle, André van Breda, who has been looking after Henri following the brutal attack, told reporters his nephew was “very heartbroken”.

Henri had attended the funeral but was shielded from the media.

In an audio clip of Henri’s emergency call on January 27, the day of the murders, he told police that a “man with an axe” had attacked his family during the early hours.

The Sunday Times reported that the murders had taken place at about 3am. The call to police was made four hours later.

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