Police remain vigilant after looters ransacked stalls in St George's Mall in Cape Town's CBD. Picture: African News Agency

Cape Town - Police maintained a watchful eye over St George’s Mall with at least four riot officers patrolling there, while the Cape Town Train Station remained under heavy police guard following a Ses’khona People’s Rights Movement march in the City Centre earlier on Thursday.

“Police arrived a little too late. The protestors achieved their goal,” said an eyewitness who only identified himself as Jackson.

Protesters from Ses’khona started marching on Thursday morning over what they called a lack of service delivery and a response from the Western Cape government.

On return from the Western Cape Legislature, the protesters ran down St George’s Mall – a popular inner city pedestrian walkway.

“They thought they would be able to disturb the Thursday outdoor market but luckily all those stall owners packed up when the march began,” said Jackson.

But not all traders were left untouched.

A Somalian trader had chips and cold drinks stolen from his stall, but said fortunately it would not cost too much money to replace.

“Now I must clean up the mess they made here,” he said.

The stolen drinks were thrown at unsuspecting Wimpy patrons and the owner was hurt in an attempt to protect his customers from the protesters.

“They came here and tried to steal our chairs so they could throw it at the Somalian,” said the owner who did not want to be named.

Eyewitnesses said the police arrived soon after the Wimpy incident but it was “a little too late”.

“It’s end of month and we’re supposed to be busy but now no one wants to eat here because of what the protesters did,” said Wimpy manager, Everson Gengezha.

African News Agency