28s gang boss shot dead: ‘Gappie’ murdered in Parow

Elton ‘Gappie’ Ely. Picture: Supplied

Elton ‘Gappie’ Ely. Picture: Supplied

Published Dec 13, 2023


A high-ranking 28s gang boss and former henchman of Ernie “Lastig” Solomons was gunned down in Parow Valley on Monday afternoon.

Elton “Gappie” Ely came under attack by three gunmen in Joubert Street shortly after parking his Mercedes-Benz near a supermarket.

According to a Daily Voice source, the high-ranking member of the Terrible Josters gang and known drug dealer in Belhar and Bellville was shot four times in the head and died in the street.

Elton ‘Gappie’ Ely’s body near his Mercedes-Benz. Picture: Supplied

Police spokesperson, Warrant Officer Joseph Swartbooi confirms: “Upon arrival in Joubert Street, Parow Valley, at around 3.50pm, they found the body of a man in the road who sustained multiple gunshot wounds.

“The unknown suspects fled the scene and are yet to be arrested.

“Preliminary information suggested that three unknown males approached the victim as he walked away from his vehicle, after which shots rang out and the victim sustained fatal injuries.

“The motive for this attack is now the subject of an investigation. Parow police are investigating a murder.”

Ely earned notoriety in 2019 when his bodyguard turned on the Terrible Josters in a landmark trial against Ernie’s nephew, Horatio Solomons, and several others.

The group faced more than 70 charges relating to hits on gangs, including the Sexy Boys and Junior Mafias.

During the trial, the State’s star witness told the court of underworld plots and outed Ely as the leader of the gang in Belhar.

Elton ‘Gappie’ Ely’s body near his Mercedes-Benz. Picture: Supplied

He said that along with Horatio, they carried out hits and did drug deliveries on Ernie’s instructions.

During the trial, Ely became infuriated when his former bodyguard snitched on him for allegedly selling out the Terrible Josters to rival gangs such as the Sexy Boys and the police.

The witness alleged that after carrying out a high-profile hit on a hitman of the Sexy Boys, Ely revealed their location to police, and when one of the hitmen escaped and managed to avoid being arrested, Ely handed him over to the Sexy Boys to be killed.

While Ely was acquitted of all charges, Horatio and his group of gang members from Delft were convicted. Horatio was sentenced to life in prison.

According to a Daily Voice source, the gang was upset with Ely and had attempted to kill him at least twice before Monday.

The source says: “Gappie mos got free from all the charges, but the people were angry. The first time they tried to kill him in Bellville, he escaped, and just a few months ago, he went to hide in Hout Bay. They found out, and they tried to kill him, and he escaped again.

“Gappie was seen on Sunday at his mother’s house in Extension 13 in Belhar, where he still had a major drug turf.

“It is not clear who exactly did it, but we know the 28s were not happy with him because the state witness was his guy.”

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