Father A Nation unmasks ‘deluded’ GBV stats with prevention first approach

Picture: Supplied

Picture: Supplied

Published Feb 19, 2024


Father A Nation, a leading non-profit company (NPC) working to prevent Gender Based Violence (GBV) through the eradication of toxic masculinity, issues a resounding call for action following the release of South Africa's (SA's) latest quarterly crime statistics by Minister Bheki Cele on Friday, February 16, 2024.

Despite Cele reporting a marginal 1.7% decrease in sexual offences and a 1.9% decline in rape and sexual assault cases, Father A Nation highlights that these figures stem from an unacceptably high baseline.

SA’s reputation as the "rape capital of the world" is a chilling reminder of the pervasive nature of GBV, with over 43,000 reported cases of rape last year alone. Yet, these statistics merely scratch the surface. With only one in nine cases of rape reported in the country a more accurate picture is that close to 400,000 women were raped last year, this excludes the number of women who were assaulted physically and in other ways!

“While the slight decrease is somewhat encouraging, various factors can impact these nominal fluctuations, and we must never lose sight of the real-life impact on these women, their children, families, and society at large,” says Craig Wilkinson, Founder and CEO of Father A Nation.

Wilkinson highlights a critical need for substantial and sustainable reductions in GBV cases, asserting that genuine progress necessitates an ongoing focus on addressing the root causes of GBV, with a particular focus on boys and men before they succumb to toxic masculinity.

Father A Nation founder and CEO Craig Wilkinson. Picture: Supplied

“Don’t just treat the symptoms, deal with the cause.

“While most physical and sexual abuse is perpetrated by men; no boy is born an abuser. Healthy masculinity needs to be taught and modelled so that toxic masculinity is stopped in its tracks.

“SA must focus on prevention in order to build a nation of men who value and respect women,” says Wilkinson.

Father A Nation has been teaching and inspiring boys and men for over thirteen years to live with positive, healthy masculinity, standing against any form of abuse.

The NPC boasts over 300 000 men being exposed to their programmes.

“While statistics provide vital insights into fluctuations, they are often a clinical way of sanitising the profound human toll they represent.

“Each statistic represents a woman whose life has been shattered, her body, mind and spirit battered and bruised,” adds Wilkinson.

“As a country, we must address the issues that prevent men from being able to conduct themselves as the natural born protectors, builders, and fathers that they are.

“It means teaching men to use their strength only for good and holding them accountable for their actions,” concludes Wilkinson.

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