Cape Town-17-01-2012 A prostitute sits next to the road in Atlantis where a ten year old was sold for sex.pic Phando Jikelo reporter Genna Serra

Western Cape - A prostitute allegedly sold her niece to a man for sexual favours while the child’s three-year-old sister watched on in horror.

Relatives said the little girl claims her aunt was paid R200 after she allowed a man to touch her private parts in front of her toddler sister.

The shocking case is the second separate child sex slave case to rock the West Coast town of Atlantis in recent months.

Late last year, the Daily Voice exposed the horrific story of a 13-year-old girl who was allegedly sold for sex by her own mother.

Now shocking details of a second child sex ring in the same town have emerged.

A 23-year-old prostitute on Thursday made a brief appearance at the Atlantis Magistrates’ Court on charges of sexual grooming and sexual favours.

The woman, who cannot be named to protect the child’s identity, lives on a farm a short distance outside the town.

Her bail application was due to get underway on Thursday but was postponed after police arrested a male suspect.

The case will resume on January 25.

Prosecutors claim the woman lured the 10-year-old and three-year-old sisters from their Witsand home a month ago.

She lied to the girls’ mom and pretended she was taking them to visit her own mother.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Voice, the tiny victim’s distraught 37-year-old mom told how her sister-in-law took her kids to a bridge outside Witsand.

Here, she allegedly allowed an unknown paedophile to sexually molest the older girl while her little sister watched.

She reveals her traumatised daughter eventually lifted the lid on the shocking abuse after she confided in a family friend.

“My children always visit the suspects’ mother because they are very fond of her,” the girls’ mom said.

“On this day, she asked if my two daughters could visit her mother but she was lying.

“My daughter didn’t tell me at first, she told a family friend what had happened.

“She said the aunt took them to a bridge that is also where she later showed the police where it happened.”

The seven-month pregnant mother says her daughter described in horror how the man allegedly touched her private parts.

“She placed her hands on her breasts and a private part, saying this is where he touched her,” she said.

The devastated mom later discovered payment had allegedly been received for the sexual favours.

“My daughter said her aunt got a R200 that day from the man. The aunt took a R100 and gave it to my child. But my child says she took the money back,” she added.

“She bought my child shoes, bread, a long roll of polony and cookies so she would keep quiet.”

The mom claims the aunt is a tik addict and a prostitute.

“She has been using tik, it is the tik that makes them do such things. She worked on the road, sold her body,” she said.

“What if the man had to take my children?”

A neighbour of the suspect who asked not to be identified, says the woman was arrested last week Tuesday at her home.

“We are all shocked because we all have children on the farm. The police arrested her on the farm,” she tells the Daily Voice.

The 10-year-old is in the safe care of relatives outside of Atlantis.

* This article was published in the Daily Voice