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Durban - The nightclub bouncer who says he shot a patron in self-defence has been granted bail.

Denzel “Jaluka” Cameron, 45, from Austerville, Durban, will be staying with his brother pending his trial.

Yesterday Durban magistrate Kubashnie Dunn said: “The court is aware that the interest of the community must be (considered), but there is only one man on trial here.”

Cameron, who was granted bail of R5 000, has argued, in an affidavit, that he was not the aggressor in the incident which led to the death of Ariane Brendon Roux at Hip Hop Palace Nite Club last month.

Cameron argued that he was defending himself after Roux assaulted him with a broken bottle. The State, however, alleges that Cameron shot a defenceless man as there was no evidence of a broken bottle found near the body.

Prosecutor Yuben Achary argued that Cameron had a propensity for violence because he committed this crime while on bail for a pending matter where he faces kidnapping and attempted murder charges.

At the start of his bail application on Wednesday, the courtroom was packed with Wentworth residents who did not want bail to be granted.

A petition with over 300 signatures for Cameron to remain in custody was handed to the court.

The matter was adjourned to January 11. - Daily News