Cape Town 07-02-2013 14 year old Aphelele Nogqala from Langa was stabbed to death on the school grounds in Langa pix Patrick Louw story Tshego

Cape Town - A Cape Town pupil was stabbed to death at his school’s gate allegedly for standing up to bullies who demanded his lunch.

Now a 15-year-old has been arrested for the death.

Aphelele Nogqala, 14, was pronounced dead at the scene after being stabbed in the neck on Tuesday.

Police said that the Grade 9 boy – who had started high school just three weeks earlier – died at the entrance to Isilimela Comprehensive School in Langa.

Aphelele’s mom Nomthetho Nogqala, 49, said days before her son’s death he complained that fellow pupils were bullying him for his lunch.

But she never imagined it would lead to bloody murder when she got a call summoning her to his school.

“I found him lying motionless on the ground. He was already dead,” she said.

“The worse part was that the police would not let me close his eyes. My son lay there for a long time with this dead eyes wide open.

“I don’t know who stabbed him or why but I keep thinking about the day he told me that during lunch there would be other learners who tried to take their food and he was one of the people who refused to give it up.”

The distraught mother said she now fears for the safety of her other children at neighbouring schools.

She said more schools in her area should get Metro police officers like the six Cape schools in the pilot project driven by the City of Cape Town.

“I want to know what the department is doing about ensuring the safety of children in the township schools,” the mom said.

“I don’t care about who gets arrested and I won’t even attend those court cases because that will not bring my son back.

“What I do want to ensure is that this never happens again to any other parent.

“I miss him so much, he was a kind loving child who helped me around the house.”

Police spokesman Captain FC Van Wyk confirmed a 15-year-old learner has been arrested and he is due to appear in court soon.