Vehicles on Mandela Boulevard had to stop for protesters walking to the CBD. Photo: Xolani Konyana/ Twitter

Cape Town - Informal traders in the Cape Town CBD were warned by police on Thursday to close shop ahead of an illegal march, according to reports.

According to EWN, Wale Street has been completely cordoned off and several police nyalas and vans are patrolling the city centre.

Early on Thursday morning about 4 000 protesters were making their way to the CBD from Woodstock train station, to join the Ses’khona People’s Movement march.

Police in armoured vehicles raced from the CBD to head them off, as the protesters had not been granted permission for the march.

Ses’khona said on Wednesday that it expected “action” from its members in response to the City of Cape Town denying it permission to march on the CBD.

The march was organised by the group whose march in October led to chaos in the city centre.

It was unclear what “action” had been expected on Thursday, although the group’s spokesman, Sithembele Majova, said on Wednesday there were no plans for a formal march.

“But there’s no telling what may happen. Our members are very disappointed in the city and feel the denial of our right to march is insulting.”

In its application, the group said the aim was to compel the government to make land, housing and sanitation available to informal settlements


The city had warned “credible evidence” from police indicated that Thusrday’s action could result in traffic disruptions, injuries and damage to property.

Cape Argus and IOL