05/02/2014. Ivan and Sharon Saincic the parents of murdered Chanelle Henning walk next to the Pretoria high Court after the murderers of their daughter Ambrose Monye and Andre Gouws sentenced to life in prison Picture: Masi Losi

Pretoria - Emotional, but happy that two more of their daughter’s killers have been brought to book, Ivan and Sharon Saincic are now ready to face the next round – the trial of their son-in-law, Nico Henning, who is accused of ordering the hit on Chanelle.

“I think we are already prepared. It is only our faith that keeps us going. God will carry us through the next case,” Ivan told the media minutes after Chanelle Henning’s killers – Andre Gouws and Ambrose Monye – were sentenced to life.

Doepie du Plessis and Pike Pieterse, the men who executed the hit, were earlier sentenced to 18 years each, after confessing to the murder.

In an about-turn, Monye and Gouws implicated Nico as the man who gave the orders to have Chanelle killed. He was subsequently arrested and will appear in court again on June 4. He is on R10 million bail.

Ivan said he thought Henning’s upcoming trial would run much the same as that of Gouws and Monye.

“But at the end I think justice will be done.”

Chanelle’s mother, Sharon, also said they were prepared for Henning’s case and they knew what to expect, as they had known him for the past five years.

“We know it will be a long road,” she said.

Sharon said she and her husband had to move from the estate near Hartbeespoort Dam, where they were living, as Henning lived in the same estate.

“We had no privacy,” she said, but did not want to elaborate on this.

Both she and her husband expressed their regret that the legal system did not do more to protect Chanelle’s young son.

The child is living with his grandparents.

Sharon said she looked at Gouws’s mother in court and her heart went out to her, as she was also a mother who had lost a child. “I know how it feels to lose a child,” she added.

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