Cape Town-101206-Mitchells Plain Roadblock.Traffic police at a roadblock in Mitchells Plain. The roadblock's main purpose was to catch people who default on their maintenance payments to their spouses, but other fines were also issued. Picture:Christiaan Louw

An Umhlanga man says he will stop at nothing until a “drunk” policeman who drove into his car, injuring his wife and daughter, is imprisoned.

Austin Steyn, 41, was driving through an intersection in Durban’s Point area on Sunday when a police car struck the back of his vehicle.

His daughter, Courtney, 7, was flung out of the car and slammed into a building while his car somersaulted three times before coming to a stop, he said.

To add insult to injury, as Steyn ran to help Courtney, people helped themselves to his valuables. “I thought they were running over to help me and my family; however, they stole my laptop, camera, cellphone and all the credit cards and cash inside my wallet,” said Steyn.

“However, a few people were helping us.”

After checking on Courtney, he went to the police car and found the policeman was so drunk, he could not even walk.

Police and paramedics then arrived at the scene.

Steyn said that police did a breathalyser test and the officer was over the limit.

He phoned his lawyer, who advised that the policeman be taken for a blood test, which was done at St Augustine’s Hospital. A policeman told him later that the second test also showed that the officer was over the limit.

His wife, Lisa, had an operation on her neck while Courtney was unable to walk after the accident.

“I have to pay a lot of bills and Courtney is missing out on education.

“I have hired two lawyers and I will make sure that the policeman goes to jail,” said Steyn.

Police Captain Thulani Zwane said that officers were investigating charges of drunken driving and reckless and negligent driving relating to the accident. - The Mercury