A Cape Flats mom said her seven-year-old son told her that a police sergeant asked him and his friends to help him find drugs hidden in a park. Picture: Brendan Magaar/Daily Voice

Cape Town - A Cape Flats mother said she fears for her son’s life after a cop allegedly asked the boy and his friends to show him where a merchant’s drugs were hidden.

The 38-year-old woman said she was angry when her seven-year-old son told her a Grassy Park police sergeant asked him and his friends to help him find the drugs hidden in a park, in exchange for lollipops.

The Parkwood woman, who asked to remain anonymous to protect her son, said: “My son was on his way home from school with friends (last Wednesday) when they were stopped by the police officer.

“They know him from school because he is always there to give talks.

“He stopped them and told them to show him where the merchant, who lives close by, hides his drugs.

“I am not sure who of the boys showed the policeman to a section of the park in Parkwood Avenue where they found a packet.

“My son doesn’t know what was in it but he said it was a packet with white stuff inside.

“He said after they found the stuff, the cop took them to a shop and gave each of them a lollipop and sweets.”

The mom said her son’s nanny was worried when he got home later than usual, and when she questioned him he spilled the beans.

When she heard the story, the mom immediately went to the Grassy Park police station.

“The policeman at the charge office told me I should see the station commander but he was not there,” she said.

“As I left, the policeman said the community must help the police.

“I agree, but they should not use young children to do their work for them.

“What if those people (the drug dealers) find out and they decided to target my child?

“I don’t know what the other parents plan to do but I cannot allow this.”

The mother said to date she has not been able to lay a complaint, despite going back to the police station twice.

Police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Andre Traut encouraged the mother to lodge a formal complaint so they can investigate.

“Kindly be advised that your enquiry has been sent to the Grassy Park station commander, Colonel van Wyk, so that an investigation can be conducted into the legitimacy of the allegation made against police,” Traut said.