Cape Town 07-04-2013 This is the lady who drove the naked lady tothe police station in Belhar pix Patrick Louw story Megan

Western Cape - A teenage sex worker was kidnapped and raped allegedly by a Cape couple in a terrifying two-day hostage orgy.

The drama began when the 18-year-old victim was approached by a 52-year-old man on Main Road in Kenilworth last week.

He took the girl back to his home where he and his wife had a threesome with her.

But the couple then allegedly refused to let the girl leave – and allegedly subjected her to days of horrific sexual abuse.

The terrified teen eventually managed to escape from the pair at 11am on Friday.

She ran out of the house naked and screaming before a brave neighbour came to her rescue.

“I was at the house next door when I saw the girl running out of the house in the nude,” the neighbour – who does not want to be identified – told the Daily Voice.

“I took her to another neighbour’s house and moments later the other woman came out.

“She [female suspect] said nothing as she looked down the road.

“It seems like she was looking for the girl, but she was already inside another house.

“The girl told us she is a sex worker and she said they did not want to let her go and that she had been there for two days already.

“She managed to escape the first chance she got.”

A second woman who drove the girl to the police station said the teen got hysterical when she saw the man walking in the road while on her way to the police station.

“As we were driving, we saw him walking down the road as if he was looking for her,” said the woman, who also does not want to be identified.

“When she saw him, she started to panic and pointed him out to us.

“She told us she was not from here and she was looking for work when he [suspect] picked her up.”

Police arrested the pair shortly afterwards.

Shocked residents threatened to take matters into their own hands when news of the girl’s horror ordeal unfolded.

Some residents pitched up outside Belhar Police Station demanding that the two be released so the community could “deal with them”.

Police spokesperson Captain Frederick van Wyk confirmed the couple will appear in court on Monday charged with rape and kidnapping.

“She [sex worker] alleged that she had been kidnapped in Kenilworth and then raped at a house in Sampson Street, Belhar,” Captain van Wyk said.

“She identified the house and alleged perpetrators and police then arrested a 52-year-old male and a 38-year-old female.

“The matter was then referred to the Delft FCS and upon further investigation the girl acknowledged that she was a sex worker and that the male picked her up on the Main Road in Kenilworth.

“The girl alleged that she fled after the suspects refused that she leave.”