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Johannesburg - Chris Hani’s killer Clive Derby-Lewis has been stabbed yet again in prison, the second time in a month.

He was stabbed in the back with a piece of broken glass by a “lone ranger” on Sunday.

His wife, Gaye Derby-Lewis, described the latest attack as “déjà vu” and said she was shocked at the lack of control in the Kgosi-Mampuru Prison in Pretoria where he was serving his sentence.

Last week Gaye went to the High Court in Pretoria to apply to have him moved to a private hospital for treatment for the first attack which took place on February 24.

She was successful and on Monday Derby-Lewis was moved to a private Pretoria hospital, the name of which is known to The Star, where he will receive treatment.

“He was stabbed with a broken piece of glass in the back and the shoulder,” Gaye said on Monday morning.

“I don’t know what to say any more, I’m watching déjà vu again.”

Derby Lewis and Janusz Walus – who was also attacked in prison last month – were convicted to life in prison for the murder of SACP leader Chris Hani in 1993.

Gaye said she would meet her attorney on Monday morning to discuss their legal options and would oppose a bid to have him moved from the prison, should the Department of Correctional Services (DCS) decide to do so.

“Wherever they did move him to would be dangerous, everyone in Pretoria knows who he is,” Gaye said. “There’s no control in the prison any more.”

The attack was confirmed by Golden Miles Bhudu, the prisoners’ rights campaigner.

He said the attacker was a member of the 26s gang, and while the motive was unclear, he had been informed the prisoner had acted as a “lone ranger”.

“The Department of Correctional Services is doing everything to sweep it under the carpet because it’s another embarrassment,” he said.

However, the department confirmed the attack on Monday morning through its spokesman Manelisi Wolela, who said an inquiry was under way.

“The injury on his back (which was) caused by a (piece of) glass used by an offender is described as minor and was treated at the local centre clinic.

“Local management of the centre have spoken to the perpetrator and Clive Derby-Lewis. Information remains scant and unreliable to derive any concrete rationale for this unacceptable conduct,” said Wolela.

Earlier this month, the alleged “General” of the feared 26s prison gang, Khalil Subjee, claimed he was behind last month’s attack.

He said he stabbed Derby-Lewis and Walus because they had called the late Nelson Mandela “a monkey”.

Subjee also said Christoff Becker and Frikkie du Preez – the Waterkloof Two who had their parole revoked after a video of them partying in prison emerged – were on his hit list.

He also sent out a warning to murder-accused Oscar Pistorius, should the athlete be found guilty in his ongoing trial.

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