Seen here are blood stains on the ground where Dodds Pringle was stabbed. Picture: Supplied

Kimberley - A Hadison Park resident has laid attempted murder charges after he was stabbed eight times, allegedly by a group of patrons who were apparently ordered out of Shadows Pub and Grill for unruly behaviour.

The police said that no arrests have been made yet.

Having spent his third night in hospital after the incident, 32-year-old Dodds Pringle said on Monday that he was attacked by three men and three women who were kicking and pulling down his devil’s fork fencing on Saturday at about 10.30pm.

“I was playing X-box with my two children when I heard a commotion outside my house, which is situated very close to the pub. I told them to leave because I had already called the police. A woman grabbed me by my collar and pinned me to the ground. The rest of the group joined in the wrestling match and assaulted me. I was stabbed in my neck, head, back and leg but later managed to get back on my feet and ran towards my house. I quickly felt the blood draining from my body because of the stabbings and I had to be assisted into the house.”

Pringle also said that his attackers appeared to be under the influence of liquor.

One of his relatives followed the suspects, who fled the scene in a vehicle with an NC registration number.

He added that his seven-year-old daughter had witnessed the whole event and was still traumatised.

He was admitted to the Kimberley MediClinic on Saturday evening, for medical treatment.

“One of the stab wounds pierced through to my liver, although the bleeding has fortunately stopped. One of the stab wounds narrowly missed my vertebrae while another broke one of my ribs in the process.”

He believed that the liquor establishment should never have opened in a residential area.

“There is never peace in the neighbourhood because of rowdy patrons, speeding cars and high volumes of traffic. It is not safe for my children to walk across the road to the café. My whole family struggles to sleep before the unbearable noise subsides in the early hours of the morning. This interferes with my health and safety because I work with heavy machinery.”

Other neighbours stated that the two security guards who were supposed to be stationed outside, were often nowhere to be seen.

The establishment was issued with stringent conditions regarding the noise levels, controlling the volume of music, beefing up security and limiting the dance area to 20 percent of the floor space, after public hearings were held by the Northern Cape Liquor Board because of the numerous complaints from residents living close by.

Residents indicated that while the music was slightly softer, they were still rudely awoken after 12am and over weekends.

“Cars and motorbikes rev the petrol pumps and drunk drivers continue to speed and drive recklessly in the neighbourhood at ridiculous hours of the morning. This is not a restaurant. It is a shebeen. Everyone is too scared to complain for fear of being intimidated or physically attacked. The police simply drive past the pub when a complaint is registered, without taking any action.”

The owner of Shadows Pub and Grill, Hansie Galloway, said that the incident had taken place outside his business.

“I don’t know what happened after my manager asked a group of four people to leave the establishment because they were causing a scene. While they were regular patrons, they are no longer welcome especially in light of what happened.”

He stated that weapons and knives were not allowed inside the premises.

“This is a restaurant and it would be untoward to body-search my customers. It would be like being searched whenever you go to Spur.”

He added that he always had security guards patrolling outside, although they would not normally interfere if people were assaulting each other.

“I have not received one complaint about the noise or music. I am against any form of violence.”

Acting chief executive officer of the Northern Cape Liquor Board, Oupa Makgale, said that they would send an inspector to monitor adherence to the regulations at Shadows Pub and Grill.

He encouraged members of the public to lay a formal complaint with the board if they had any grievances.

“Liquor board inspectors only work during office hours, while it is the duty of the police to ensure compliance. While inspectors do not mind working overtime, they need back-up from the police.

“We are disappointed that the police are not patrolling liquor traders on a regular basis. They only visit an outlet if a criminal act has been committed. The public also need to inform us of illegal shebeens operating in their area.”

Police spokesman, Lieutenant Sergio Kock, said that the police in Kimberley were investigating a case of attempted murder after a fight involving a group of men and women in front of the home owner’s property was redirected towards the complainant.

“The owner of the house was severely assaulted and stabbed. He is in a serious condition in hospital,” Kock said.

He pointed out that the police had not received any recent complaints from the public about the pub in question.

“The police conduct regular visits to all licensed liquor outlets to ensure that they comply with the Liquor Act.”

Kock also encouraged residents to report any problems relating to the inspection of liquor outlets to contact their nearest police station.

“No arrests have been made yet because the suspects are unknown.”

The police request anyone with information to contact Detective Sergeant Dice Modise on 082 302 0407.

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