150511: President Jacob Zuma's eldest son has challenged Swaziland King Mswati III for dialogue on his current status of his country. Zuma lambasted Mswati calling him a "stubborn lunitic" Edward Zuma Pixcture:Marilyn Bernard

KwaZulu-Natal - Household goods and a BMW X5 belonging to President Jacob Zuma’s son, Edward, will not be auctioned off after he made a last-minute payment to keep his possessions.

Zuma’s goods were to be sold off on Wednesday by the Sheriff of the Court in uMgeni Road because he still owes his wedding planner at least R1 million for the flashy affair.

However, David Vlcek, the lawyer for Functions for Africa, confirmed that the auction was stopped because “they paid a certain amount to us”.

He said the matter was being discussed between the parties and they hoped to reach an agreement by the end of the week.

In the meantime though, “certain people have come forward and claimed ownership of the assets, like the BMW X5”, said Vlcek.

However, he said, the owner of the BMW was the only interpleader, or claim by a third party, that he agreed with.

Zuma and Phumelele Shange had a lavish wedding for 500 guests at the Tala Game Reserve, which was organised by Functions for Africa.

The company’s owner, Paul Mann, previously said Zuma had paid a deposit of R1m for the R2.5m wedding and that he had gone ahead with it because of the couple’s “incessant pleading” not to cancel it, which would be a huge embarrassment.

He also said Zuma had promised that there was foreign funding of R28.8m owed to him and even provided a letter as proof of this, but after the wedding he refused to answer his phone calls.

Earlier this year, The Mercury reported that Zuma had to borrow a stainless steel wedding ring for the ceremony because he did not have money to pay for the one commissioned for the ceremony.

That borrowed ring was never returned to jewellery boutique, Mark Gold Jewels.

The boutique was asked to make a diamond encrusted wedding band and a sparkling two-and-a-half carat diamond engagement ring set in 18 carat white gold for Shange.

For her husband-to-be, she chose an exclusive Mark Gold design which was a diamond studded puzzle ring.

In total Zuma had paid R170 000 and said he was waiting for “foreign funds” to pay the rest of the cost.

However, on the night before the wedding he only received the engagement ring and was loaned a stainless steel ring.

He did not return with the rest of the money to collect the rings. - The Mercury