Cape Town - More than three years ago someone, somewhere decided to start a Shrien Dewani Twitter parody account. This dedicated individual has tweeted 105 times and has gained 852 followers in the process.

The first tweet on December 10, 2010 read: “I wasn’t caught paying the taxi driver for murder on CCTV. I was only giving him R10 000 cause I was used to taxi prices in London.”

This was two days after Dewani made his first appearance at City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London, and three days after chauffeur Zola Robert Tongo was sentenced to an effective 18 years in prison.

Later that day, the tweeter wrote: “People say my refusal to go back to SA shows my guilt, but really I just don’t want to go through another 12 hour flight on SAA.”

Tweeting continued at a brisk pace for the next year, but the tweeter slowed down, only posting three updates in 2012 and not once last year.

Things began to heat up again on March 31 with this post: “Thanks everyone for your patience while I was pretending to be mental. Does anyone have a telephone number for @BarryRouxLaw?”

On Monday, the tweeter wrote: “Am being extradited cause doctors at Valkenburg (sic) convinced the UK they would treat me humanely. Now I see they only show SABC channels.”

On Tuesday, when Dewani arrived in Cape Town, the tweeter hit his or her stride: “It seems I will definitely be in court soon. We’ve landed and my prison guards say they don’t want to take a quick detour through Gugulethu.”

Cape Times