DURBAN: 260113 Nolan Green and his father Elvis Green showing gun wounds where they were hit by the armed robbers that stormed their house in Hillcrest and rob them of their valuables and undeclosed amount of cash. PICTURE: GCINA NDWALANE

Durban - They are fearless and they will strike again, says a Hillcrest family who are the latest victims of a gang of robbers.

“What are you guys doing? What more do you want from us?” this is what Elvis Green 55, a Hillcrest resident asked one of the finger gang members who was pointing a gun at his face.

At about 8.45pm on Friday the Green family gathered around the table after supper, chatting and relaxing when they heard their dogs bark.

Nolan Green, 29, Elvis’s son, said the family of 10, are traumatised by the attack.

“My dad and I opened the door to check on the dogs and as we stepped outside five armed men jumped over the balustrade and forced their way into the house,” said Nolan.

“The women ran and locked themselves in the bedrooms. One of the guys ran to a bedroom and tried to break the door, but he failed,” he said.

Nolan said his father was in the lounge and a scuffle broke out between him and the men.

“While this was happening two men took my sister’s car keys and drove off with it,” he said.

During the tussle, a shot was fired and the bullet grazed Elvis’s head.

He said the men who remained behind, continued beating them, but they fought back.

With a gun pointed at his head, Elvis said: “It upset me to the point that I asked them, ‘What are you guys doing? What more do you want from us?’ “

Armed security guards arrived within 10 minutes, and there was an exchange of gunshots between the thieves and the guards, said Elvis.

This is the second time that the family have been attacked in two months. Last month, a gang stole valuables and cash from their home.

“My neighbours have been attacked, we have been attacked, the whole community is being terrorised by this gang,” said Elvis.

He said he is not sure how the men got on to the property.

Police pokesman Jay Naicker said a 30-year-old man was arrested on Friday night and will appear in court this week.

Sunday Tribune