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Durban - An Upper Highway family are still awaiting answers about the culprits who shot and killed a man in Pinetown on Sunday.

Gideon van Zyl, 53, of Pinetown, had been driving to Victory Road in Ashley to drop off a 1-year-old child he and his girlfriend, Julie Graham, 48, of Hillcrest, had been babysitting for the afternoon.

Van Zyl had been driving his black FSI VW Golf at the time, and the couple had just dropped off the child with its parents.

They had still been parked in the driveway when they had been approached by two young men on foot - one of them armed. They pulled Graham out of the vehicle by her shirt and told her to shut up.

Van Zyl also got out of the vehicle, but was shot in the back as he was walking away.

Graham’s son, Tyler, said on Thursday the family had not had any update from authorities.

No arrests have been made.

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