Durban -

A normal evening at home turned into a nightmare for a Manor Gardens family when they were held up by eight armed men on Tuesday night.

Speaking about the robbery, a distraught Wayne Stopforth said he had been sitting with his wife on the veranda when they decided to go inside to watch the 7pm news.

The men had apparently climbed the fence and then followed them inside through a veranda gate. Seven of the gang were wearing balaclavas.


Stopforth said their 17-year-old daughter was in the house when the robbers entered.

While they were going through the house, taking jewellery, cellphones, appliances and a television, they demanded to know where Stopforth kept his safe.

“They told us to lie down on the floor before throwing a mattress and blankets on top of us. They demanded to know where my millions were,” he said.


“My daughter was crying and I had to tell her to try to stay calm. It was a terrible experience,” he said.

Stopforth said the men had taken his and his wife’s wedding rings.

“They even took my car keys, but left the car.”

After about 15 minutes the house became quiet.

“When I did not see them I ran outside and called my neighbour who pressed his panic button.

“My wife and daughter were given counselling, but I refused because I am not in the right frame of mind. I doubt I will be able to sleep tonight because I am worried about my family,” he said.

Police spokesman Thulani Zwane said no arrests had been made.

The Mercury