Cape Town-10-01-2013 (Names for filing purposes) Amelia Lategan was stabbed by her 14 year old ex-boyfriend in Grassy Park. Photographer: Thomas Holder

Cape Town - This 13-year-old girl said that she dodged death after her ex-boyfriend allegedly attacked her in a stabbing frenzy.

The young girl explained that she and the 14-year-old suspect had a brief, violent relationship.

Amelia, 13, said she is lucky to be alive after having a screwdriver driven into her flesh at least eight times.

The girl sustained brutal injuries to her neck, back, arms and legs.

Police are now investigating allegations that a minor, who Amelia once called her boyfriend, is behind the vicious attack.

The 14-year-old boy – whose identity is known to the Daily Voice – has not been arrested and is still in the Grassy Park area where the attack happened.

Amelia’s mom Desiree Lategan, 38, said that doctors told her that her daughter could have died from the multiple stab wounds.

The young girl, who still moves with difficulty following the assault, said she was on her way to a games shop on January 8, when she spotted her former boyfriend.

The teenager, who is in Grade 8, said the young suspect asked her for a cigarette.

“I said, ‘no, I don’t have one’,” Amelia explained.

“Then he [suspect] swore at me and hit me.”

She said that the beating stopped only for a brief moment.

She claimed the teen then pulled out a screwdriver he had been hiding and allegedly began stabbing her.

“He came at me from the back and stabbed me all over,” said Amelia.

She sustained deep gashes to her neck, back, arms, legs and buttocks

Amelia said: “I was in shock and ran to my friend’s mother who said I must go straight home.”

Desiree said that her daughter arrived home from the shop, bleeding from her wounds and collapsed on the couch.

“I heard crying and when I saw her on the couch, I asked her what is wrong,” said the mother.

“She said her ex-boyfriend stabbed her. The doctor said he stabbed her on all the critical spots and if he had to go deeper, it could have been worse or death.

“He stabbed her in the back and that could have touched the heart.”

The teen’s 65-year-old grandmother, who is a nursing sister, said she could have bled to death.

“She waited so long for medical help, she could have bled out and died or it could have been worse,” the granny said.

When asked about Amelia dating at her age, mom Desiree said she had only heard rumours her daughter was going out with a boy, but didn’t want to believe it.

“They were friends and then I thought it was just rumours but I discovered they were [dating],” she said.

Desiree, who made a case with the police this week, said they fear for Amelia’s life because the boy has not been arrested.

Showing her wounds, Amelia claims their two-week relationship was violent.

“Before this [stabbing] we argued over money and we fought with each other. Something must happen because when I see him, I feel scared.”

Police said a case of assault was opened but no one was arrested.