Cape Town:21/02/14:3year Old girl who was rape while she was left at home alone by her parents:Brendan Magaar

Cape Town - A Western Cape couple are being investigated for child neglect after their three-year-old daughter was raped while they were out at a party.

The little girl was left alone with her five-year-old sister in an unlocked shack in Langrug informal settlement in Franschhoek on February 15 when the attack occurred.

The children’s mother, 26, said she had first taken both kids with her to the party.

“I went to a party at around 7pm and when I got there, the children were sleeping and I laid them on the bed where I made sure to keep an eye on them,” she said.

“But their father arrived later on in the night, drunk and took them and he said he wanted his children to sleep at home.

“When he got here, he put them on the bed and left them there, but did not lock the house or the gate outside.

“He came back to the party, stayed for a few hours and then went back home without me.

“I left the party at around 4am but I decided not to sleep at home, I went to stay the night at my sister’s house who stays nearby.”

The mom said she realised her daughter had been raped on Sunday morning.

“I came home in the morning and the older one was awake and busy sweeping, but the younger one was sleeping so I let them be and went back to my sister’s,” said the mother.

A few hours later I had the five-year-old wake up her younger sister and bring her to me.

“And we all walked home, but when we got to the door, the little one refused to go inside.

“When I asked her what was wrong she would not answer, it was then that I inspected her and saw that her pants and panties were full of blood.

“I asked her what happened and she told me who hurt her.

“He is a family friend, the children’s father’s old friend from back in the Eastern Cape, he used to come here all the time.

“He must have come in here and did what he did to my daughter and left

“The five-year-old says she heard her sister crying but she did not wake up to see what was going on.”

Police spokesman Captain FC van Wyk said the suspect was arrested on Sunday and was in court on February 18.


“A case of child neglect has been opened and will be investigated against both parents of the victim,” he said

The three-year-old spent two days at the Tygerberg Hospital where she got stitches in her vagina and anus to repair the tearing after the brutal attack.